CareStaff Partners Privacy Statement

CareStaff Partners respects the right to privacy online. We hold detailed privileged information in confidence. Our dedication to privacy applies to information that we collect from you when you interact with us. This includes if you are a job applicant or an existing employee.  It also incorporates other users of our website, electronic information, technology, and applications. We may, at any time and without liability, modify or terminate all or part of the website including access to the program or any third-party links as applicable.


Collecting Private Information

When applying at CareStaff Partners you may be asked for sensitive, demographic, and data information. You are also authorizing CareStaff Partners to contact previous employers and references, which may result in CareStaff Partners obtaining additional information as required.  See the Application Agreement, in the Policies section of the application, for further information.


If other personal identifying information is requested over the Internet that our business partners require, we will make every effort to inform you on how we will use the information if it varies from the way we use previously submitted personal information. When we inquire about personal information for any reason, we will provide a link to this policy statement to make our intentions transparent.


Use of Confidential Personal Information

Once you have submitted information to us, we may be required to disclose that information to our clients or potential clients for the purpose of seeking staffing employment assignments for you.


Except as described above, CareStaff Partners will take all applicable steps to keep your personal information confidential. Those steps include limiting access to client information databases, communicating this policy statement to all CareStaff Partners members, and establishing and enforcing penalties for violating this statement.


CareStaff Partners will not sell, lease, or exchange employees, prospective employees, or applicants’ private information to other entities for them to use in selling other products or services. We share information with vendors and service providers who perform services on our behalf. This includes benefits and payroll providers, payment-processing providers, marketing providers, and other communications. We share the following categories of information with vendors who help perform services on our behalf: identifiers; identifying information, including financial and payment, banking information; characteristics of protected classifications; biometric information; geolocation data; professional or employment-related references; non-public education information; and readings to create a profile. If we do contract with third-party companies to market or advertise products or services for us, we will insist on required agreements from such companies securing such information.


CareStaff Partners will enforce all privacy agreements we have with any other corporations, and comply with regulatory authorities, government authorities, or courts to obey with applicable laws, the service of legal process, or if reasonable consideration of such action is required to comply with the law for such disclosure; protect the rights or property of CareStaff Partners or its affiliated companies.


We also may use personal information we obtain from our employees, prospective employees, and applicants so we can better serve our partnership with our clients and improve service to our participants. We may communicate about finding potential employment, non-employment-related matters with employees, potential employees, and applicants, training purposes, or facilitation of the process of applying for jobs/assignments. This may be via e-mail, phone, SMS, or other online delivery devices only if the prospect agrees to receive notifications. (note that messaging and data rates may apply for any SMS, MMS and other communications (typically this is based on your carrier and service plan)). Otherwise, if you choose to opt-out from notifications, you can unsubscribe. Entities who believe they are receiving our communications in error or no longer desire to receive them should inform us and we will remove their names from our mailing lists. CareStaff Partners will be prudent in communications with you.


CareStaff Partners may team with other providers to deliver to employees, prospective employees, and applicants enhanced Internet services. In providing such services, our business partners also may request personal information from our clients. We prohibit these business partners from selling or giving away our client information and we require them to have a posted Privacy Policy, so that our employees, potential employees, and applicants can review it prior to providing private information to our business partners.


Transaction Information Policy

CareStaff Partners currently uses the Secure Sockets Layer ("SSL") protocol to safeguard and protect your information, during online transactions. We believe SSL to be a safe encryption method to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, disclosure, use, and modification.


Tracking and Cookies Data

CareStaff Partners currently uses cookies on our website. Our cookies tag each visitors browser with a random, unique number.  This process assigns a number and does not disclose any personal information about the person using the browser. By stating where these uniquely numbered browsers go on our website, we can study traffic patterns and enhance our website accordingly.


Stored Information

We maintain our digital properties and businesses for use in the US. If you are located outside of the US, you understand and agree that we may transfer your information to the US. Our websites and businesses are subject to US laws as applicable, which may not provide the equivalent level of protection as those in your country.  By offering your information, you agree to the processing, storing of information that we collect about you for as long as is required for the essential purpose it was compiled, including any legal obligations.


Contact Us

If you have any comments on this policy, or our data practices please contact us at # (844) 876-5501. We will examine and take any proper actions to safeguard and maintain this policy is followed.