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Interested in traveling throughout the US while continuing to work and earn top dollar? Learn more about travel healthcare related topics and tips for loving life on the road.


Dreaming of becoming a Travel CNA?

Forget about the cool CNA position you just saw posted, because odds are you aren’t ready yet!       Here is what you need to know before talking to recruiters… 1) Get as many State Certifications as you can get. I am sure you have the “Top States” you want to travel to, but…

Ready to dive head first into Travel Nursing / Therapy? Read this first…

First things first… Do you have a license in your profession? You must have your license or have passed your professional board exam to practice your profession. Make sure you have obtained or are in the process of obtaining your license before considering talking with an agency. Do you have a license for the states…

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    - Traveling Healthcare Professional

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    - Leslie, RN

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    Carla, LPN

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    Travel CNA